Packaging Tear Strip

Model: PT004


Packaging tear strip is a thin, narrow strip of material, often made of plastic or paper, that is incorporated into the packaging of certain products. It is designed to facilitate the opening of the package by providing a designated area where the consumer can easily tear or pull to access the contents inside.

Specification of Packaging Tear Strip

1. Material: PET/BOPP/MOPP/kraft paper

2. Adhesive side: single sided

3. Length: 2000M or customized

4. Color: white, red, blue, or custom

5. Width: 4 mm or custom

6. Thickness: 70mic or custom

7. Inner Core: 3 inches or customized

8. Adhesive typ: synthetic rubber

Feature of Packaging Tear Strip

1. Easy Opening: The tear strip provides a designated area for consumers to easily grip and tear, allowing for convenient and effortless opening.

2. Controlled Opening: It offers a controlled way to open the package, helping to prevent accidental damage to the contents inside.

3. Compliant with the superior Packing Material Standard, this is environmentally friendly.

4. It features a strong backing and aggressive adhesive for a secure and long-lasting closure.

5. It can be customized with printing for branding purposes.

How to use Packaging Tear Strip

1. Locate the Tear Strip: Identify the tear strip on the packaging. It is often indicated by a perforated line or a different texture to distinguish it from the rest of the packaging.

2. Grip the Tear Strip: Use your fingers to firmly grip the tear strip along the designated area.

3. Tear Along the Perforation: Apply gentle and even pressure to the tear strip as you pull it in the direction indicated on the packaging. The tear strip should start to separate the packaging material.

4. Continue Tearing: Once the tear strip has been initiated, continue pulling it along the designated path until the packaging is fully opened.

5. Access the Contents: After the tear strip has been removed, access the contents of the packaging as intended.

Application of Packaging Tear Strip

Tearstrip can be used for easy opening convenience, safety and security on paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, padded shipping envelope, courier bag.