Pre Taped Masking Film

Model: PMS002


Pre taped masking film is a combination of PE masking film and painter’s tape. It is a convenient product for masking off and protecting surfaces while painting. The masking film is pre-folded and has an adhesive painter’s tape applied along one edge, making it easy to apply and remove. This helps to protect surfaces from paint splatter or overspray while providing clean, sharp paint lines. It is commonly used in automotive painting and house painting applications.

Specification of Pre Taped Masking Film

1. Material: PE film with masking tape

2. Glue type: pressure sensitive

3. Adhesive side: single sided

4. Size: custom

5. Tape color: custom

6. Film color: transparent

7. Use: painting masking

8. Effect: prevent dust, paint, water, spray, liquid.

9. ‎Temperature resistance: 60℃

Feature of Pre Taped Masking Film

1. Integrated tape eliminates the need for separate taping, reducing labor and material costs.

2. Multi-fold design for easy handling and unfolding, enhancing efficiency.

3. High-quality adhesive tape ensures secure attachment to surfaces for reliable protection.

4. Heat-resistant film can withstand elevated temperatures during paint curing processes without damage.

5. Easy removal without leaving adhesive residue, preventing damage to the underlying surface.

6. Lightweight and flexible material allows for easy maneuverability and conformability to various surfaces.

7. Durable construction resists tears, punctures, and damage during handling and painting processes.

How to Use Pre Taped Masking Film

1. Prepare the surface: Clean and dry the area where you want to apply the PE masking film.

2. Apply the film: Carefully apply the film to the surface, ensuring it covers the area to be protected.

3. Cut the film: Measure and cut the painting pre-tape masking film to the desired length using a tool.

4. Exend the film: unfolding the HDPE masking film to its full length. Ensure that it lays flat without any wrinkles.

5. Paint carefully: Paint the uncovered area, please do not paint over the film.

6. Remove the film: Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the film without leaving traces.


Application of Pre Taped Masking Film

Pre-tape masking film roll is ideal for automotive paint, household appliance, house decoration, furniture protection with waterproof and dust-proof effect.