Pre Taped Masking Paper

Model: PMS003


Pre taped masking paper is a type of masking paper that comes with an adhesive tape already applied to one edge. This makes it easier to create clean paint lines and protect surfaces during painting or other tasks. It is commonly used in painting and construction to mask off areas that should not be painted or to protect surfaces from dust, dirt, or overspray.

Specification of Pre Taped Masking Paper

1. Material: kraft paper with masking tape

2. Glue type: pressure sensitive

3. Adhesive side: single sided

4. Size: custom

5. Tape color: custom

6. Paper color: brown

7. Use: painting masking

8. Effect: prevent dust, paint, water, spray, liquid.

9. ‎Temperature resistance: 60℃

Feature of Pre Taped Masking Paper

1. Made from kraft paper, which is durable and tear-resistant.

2. Pre-taped with adhesive for easy application.

3. Can be used on different surfaces, including walls and floors.

4. Offers good adhesion to surfaces without leaving residue.

5. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

6. Can be easily removed without damaging surfaces.

7. Provides good barrier protection against dust and debris.

8. Offers good conformability to uneven surfaces.

9. Resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

10. Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

How to Use Pre Taped Masking Paper

1. Clean the surface: Clean and dry the area where you want to apply the kraft masking paper.

2. Apply the paper: Carefully apply the paper to the surface, ensuring it covers the protected area.

3. Cut the paper: Measure and cut the painting masking paper to the desired length using a tool.

4. Exend the paper: unfolding the masking paper to its full length. Ensure that it lays flat without any wrinkles.

5. Paint carefully: Paint the uncovered area, please do not paint over the kraft masking paper.

6. Remove the paper: Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the paper without leaving traces.

Application of Pre Taped Masking Paper

Pre taped masking paper roll is commonly used in automotive painting, household painting, and other painting applications that require precise protection, such as car painting, floor, furniture, doors and windows.