Tissue Permanent Sealing Tape

Model: PT002


Tissue permanent sealing tape is a type of new designed double side tape, which combines with the function of strong adhesion and beautiful wave edge appearance. The main purpose of lace edge design is to easy peel off the release liner after stick on the carton. With the strong adhesion, it can help seal the carton very firmly, compare to the BOPP Carton sealing tape, it’s more environmental, no noise during using, it can be also recycled together with the carton after using.

Specification of Tissue Permanent Sealing Tape

1. Material: It is made up of release film paper, tissue paper, hot melt adhesive and acrylic adhesive.

2. Adhesive side: double sided

3. Length: 100M or customized

4. Color: white or custom

5. Width: 20mm or custom

6. Thickness: 0.12mm or custom

7. Glue side: center

8. Adhesive typ: acrylic

Feature of Tissue Permanent Sealing Tape

1. Strong adhesion to various surfaces
2. Permanent sealing capability
3. Suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures
4. Resistant to moisture and humidity
5. Provides a secure and long-lasting bond

How to use Tissue Permanent Sealing Tape

To use Tissue Permanent Sealing Tape:
1. Prepare the surface by ensuring it is clean and dry.
2. Tear the tape to the required length by hand.
3. Apply the tape evenly onto the surface, pressing firmly to ensure proper adhesion.
4. For best results, apply pressure along the entire length of the tape to secure the bond.

Application of Tissue Permanent Sealing Tape

Double-side tissue tape is suitable for creating durable and long-lasting bonds between a wide range of materials. The application field include
carton sealing, gift box sealing, posters and envelops sealing.